Thursday, April 30, 2009

2nd treatment

Let me start by saying CANCER SUCKS!

We spent half the day at the chemo clinic yesterday. The young girl was there again, she was happy because she was there for her last treatment. We ended up chatting it up a bit. We learned that she has lymphoma and her treatment has seemed to work. I have to say that I'm happy that I won't see her there anymore. There is another couple who was there during our first visit. They are around our age and appear to be very sad. They don't smile and rarely make eye contact with anyone. There was an older guy there when we arrived and he was still there when we left. The home care nurse came to the clinic to hook up the pump. I'll have that on my hip until noon Friday. Believe it or not the home care nurse's name is Marilyn Monroe.

I felt decent after the treatment and seem to have a good appetite. I was up a few times during the night and woke up at 5:30. When I woke up I felt pretty horrible and very fatigued. I laid in bed until around 6:15 when Olivia started calling for me. I went to get her and she was standing in her crib with a big smile. She is what I live for. Olivia did give my pump rig a stare of wonderment. I tell her its Daddy's boo boo. She knows to be gentle and careful with me when she climbs on me. I love her like no other and I want to see her grow up to be a great woman just like her mother. Speaking of which I have to give much love to Sandy my wife. She has been with me 1000% through this and I don't think I would be able to handle this challenge without her. Sandy you are a strong and beautiful woman. I love you very much and thanks for everything you have and will do for me.

So again I'll say cancer sucks. The chemo treatments are not fun. I am tired and my body aches. I feel nauseous sometimes especially when I lay on my right side. I am feeling good that I am hungry and want to eat. Although I have lost a lot of weight. When we went to China I weighed about 170 lbs. When we arrived home I weighed about 160 lbs. Today I'm about 150 lbs. I can't really afford to lose anymore weight so I'm starting to use a high protein supplement that we'll mix with ice cream and whole milk. I figure it'll be a meal in a glass but like I said I have to keep my weight up.

I feeling confident that the treatments are working. I keep having this dream that after I go for my next CT scan the doctors are amazed at how well the treatment is working and are surprised that the tumors on my liver have disappeared. That is going to be my reality because I believe it. Anyone reading the blog... Please believe it too.


  1. I believe it BIG BROTHER I BELIEVE IT!!!!!

  2. Fred and I are thankful to be able to follow your progress toward complete recovery from this pothole in the road of your life. We were blown away by your story of the prayer shawl, and also strongly believe in the power of prayer and glorifying God when prayers are so miraculously answered. John 16:33 says "I have told you these things so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." And you, Shawn, will overcome this health issue! God bless you & Sandy & Olivia-Love, Fred & Mary

  3. Thanks everyone for your support and prayers.