Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good News

The other day I received an Email from the owner of the company I was going to go to work for that asked if he could call and talk to me. A bit of back ground for those not familiar with my story - I was recruited by this company Treo Solutions. They were looking for an experienced SQA professional to start a QA program in their organization. We struck a deal and I gave notice at my current employer. I wanted to take some time off between the jobs to relax and get some medical appointments taken care of and that's when I were diagnosed. SO I called Treo and let them know that I was having some medical work done and needed more time which they were OK with eventually I did not feel that it would be fair for me to begin a job that I could not give 100%. I called the guy who recruited me and told him of my situation and that I could not with good faith take the job. He understood and said that he would inform the owners. Fast forward to this past Tuesday when I get the call from Chris the owner of Treo. He asked me what my plans for the future were and how we were going to make it through the crisis that we are facing. I explained that we had some savings that we would use and that the COBRA insurance would last 18 months and the possibility of Sandy going back to work. That when he stopped me and said that he wanted me to come in and sign on with Treo despite my condition. HE said that he and the other owners felt that they made a deal with me and wanted to honor it. I was so shocked and surprised. I told him that I was not in the best condition and and could not predict how well I would be in the future given my chemo treatments. HE said that it did not matter if I worked for 2 days and went on disability for 6 months. Again I was completely in shock over the kindness and good that was coming to me. I accepted his offer and will be starting work again on Monday. Treo will give me all the flexibility that I need to get well deal with the doctor's appointments. I really feel blessed that this happened and having my career back means a lot to me. We will also have company paid health insurance and an income too!

As a side note to this story: My Uncle Bill was kind enough to get me a prayer shawl from the Nuns at the Provincial House. My Mom brought to me on Tuesday and I just happened to be wearing it when I received the call that I wrote about above. Thank you Uncle Bill and a special Thanks to all the Sisters at Provincial House. The power of prayer is strong and WORKS!

Positive vibrations and love to all...

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