Friday, January 7, 2011

WTF? Like a bad penny...

A lot has happened over the past 17 weeks for one I was off chemo and believed that the cancer was on the ropes. Back in August the doctor ordered a CT scan that showed the liver tumors were ”invisible”. At that time I decided to have my temporary ostomy reversed and get a hernia fixed. Surgery was scheduled for early October. Sandy and I were off to NYC for a week. Everything went great with the surgery and I was soon home (see earlier post). 3 weeks after getting home an infection set in on the incision site and I was back in NYC for an emergency visit to the hospital. The incision was reopened and the doctor ordered IV antibiotics for 3 days. We decided that Sandy would stay home and my mother would go down to NYC with me this time. I expected to be there for the day and never thought I would be admitted as an inpatient. My mom had nothing with her to support a 3 day stay in NYC, so I called my dad and asked him to bring down clothes, meds etc for a couple of days. Mom and Dad stayed at Miracle House. Sunday rolled around and the docs sprung me from the hospital. I was back home in time to take Olivia trick or treating on Halloween.
The next couple of weeks were dedicated to recuperating and spending time with my wife and daughter. We had a great Thanksgiving filled with good times spent with family and friends. The first week of December found me back to work. Christmas was wonderful. It was the first year that Olivia really understood who Santa is. We were again surrounded by family and friends for a yummy Christmas dinner hosted in our home. Everyone had a good time. The New Year came and went with out much fan fare…
Right before Christmas I had an appointment down in NYC with my surgeon and oncologist additionally I had a CT Scan done. My last scan was back in August and showed that the cancer was in remission. I waited until after the holidays to schedule an appointment with the oncologist to hear the results of the scan. I also found out that the oncologist was leaving Sloan Kettering and I would be working with a new person.
On to the scan results – Not Good! Booo hisss booo hisss. The cancer is back and is on the move. 2 new tumors on the liver, 2 in my abdominal cavity, and some new stuff in my lungs. The prognosis I was given is good. Go back on chemo and see what happens. I’ll be doing the treatments locally in Albany and will avoid the travel back and forth from the city. The doc told me that since I’ve had great response to chemo in the past that there is no reason why we shouldn’t expect the same going forward. I did it once I did it twice and I’m sure that the third time will be the charm.
I have to express my gratitude to everyone in my life and will call out some in particular…Sandy is the best wife a guy could ask for and I’m recommending her for sainthood. Thank you Sandy for all you’ve done and will do for me. My mother who watches Olivia when we are away dealing with this dreaded disease. We owe you a lot. Thank you Mom! My Dad and all my brothers are great and give me unconditional love and support Father Tom and the community at Saint Clare’s for the spiritual support and many prayers. My Uncle Bill who has so many people around the world praying for me and my healing. Your faith is inspirational. Thank You. to my employer Treo and all my coworkers I can not express enough gratitude for the flexibility that you afford me. I couldn’t do this with out you. Thank you! To my care team and most of all my nurse Heather, your compassion and care is the best. Thank You! To all my friends and neighbors who have come through with help at all the right times I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have to again thank my wife Sandy. I love you and our little girl with all my heart. I don’t what I’d do with out you 2 to motivate me to move forward and stay positive through out all of this. I love you more today than I have in all the past days combined.
OK so that was worse than an Oscar acceptance speech but whacha gonnadoo.