Saturday, May 2, 2009

ughhh...I wish I felt better!

I've felt better... between yesterday and today I haven't felt very good. My nurse came by yesterday and disconnected my pump. 3 days of chemo and boy do am I feeling the effects. I know that its working. I has to be. No one can feel as crappy as as I do and not have the cancer being knocked down. I rested Friday afternoon in hopes that I would feel good enough to go out for a little while but no such luck. The nausea set in and so did the fatigue. I slept really good last night and was not up once but when I did wake up I still felt like I could sleep the day away which I essentially did. My appetite seems to have gone MIA on me. I'm having stuffed sole and plain white rice and maybe some green veggies. I have to eat and keep my weight up. I think that will be easier when I'm on my down week. I made a promise to Sandy that I would drink an ensure/protein shake everyday in order to maintain my weight.

When I get out of bed I usually last about 45 minutes before I have to lay down again. I watched Sandy and Olivia outside playing and wished that I could have been there with them. I feel bad that I'm not able to be there for them. I will be strong and and will overcome this challenge however, it is still very hard to not be there 100% for my wife and daughter. I hope that the effects get better as I progress through treatment. I'm praying that I'll be feeling good tomorrow so I can go to church.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

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