Thursday, April 16, 2009

First treatment

Yesterday was my first Chemo treatment. It was a wicked long day. It started at 7:30 with a visit to Dr. D. I have to say he is an excellent doc. He doesn't mince words and is pretty straight forward with you. He never gives you the bum's rush. He must have asked us if we had any questions about 5 times. Next stop was the Chemo clinic. We met our nurses Amy and Hong. Amy is a very pleasant and kind soul. We joked around about the treatment we are looking forward to working with her. Hong is originally from China which gave us something to talk about. We opened up my lap top and showed her and Amy our photos from our trip to Beijing last year. See here --> China Blog.
We were early in the clinic and had our choice of seats and chose one near the window in the corner. The diversity of people in for treatment was amazing. Old men and ladies, others who were around my age and a young girl about 16 came in. All of us in the same boat, we glanced around the room at each other, I kept thinking to myself that I'm not alone in this and I hope to make new friends here.
My treatment plan is Folfox which is a cocktail of 3 drugs. Additionally I am in a research group for AMG 655 and received it at the end of the day although who knows what I actually got because its a double blind study with a placebo thrown in for fun. The IV drips in my port started at 9 am and finished at around 1:30 pm. The home care nurse came over and gave us the briefing on the infusion pump that I have to wear for the next 46 hours. We finally got out of the office at 2:30 pm with the pump on my hip. We came home and the nurse who will hook me up to the pump for future cycles. She was very nice and explained everything about the pump and the precautions. Sleeping with it wasn't that bad and living with doesn't seem like it will be that big of a challenge.
Knock on of the writing of this post I have not really experienced any adverse side effects. I little bit of reflux so far and some general malaise but tolerable non the less.
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