Thursday, April 2, 2009

I was diagnosed today

I had been experiencing some issues with my ummm movements which prompted me to visit my GP doc. This was back in January. He did an exam and determined that it was likely a fisure. A fisure is a split in the sphincter that bleeds and hurts a hella lot. So he refers me to a gastro intestinal guy who I had to wait about a month to see. He does the obligatory digital exam (ouch that hurt) and gives me an ointment to apply and a follow up appointment 30 days later. I still was bleeding so he tells me that he wants to inject of all things botox into my bum and he will do a partial scope to check things out. So in the mean time I had quit my job and agreed to a new position at a different company. I had a week in between the jobs so I schec=dule the surgery and go in. They put me to sleep and then the news. The doc tells me that when he scoped me he saw something but it was inconclusive because I was as he said FOS. I would need a colonosocopy and a ct scan. I get the ct scan done and the guy who did it seemed a little gloomy and showed me the order which said that there was a probable mass in my rectum. By the look on the techs face I guessed that there was something there. A couple days later I had the colonoscopy and the doc told me that I had a cancerous tumor in my rectum. Holy Shit!

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