Thursday, May 6, 2010

May Update

Treatment continues to go as planned. We have made arrangements to get treatment in Albany once a month. Our new doc in Albany used to work out of Sloan and knows our doc down there and they are collaborating now. It is nice to know that we have someone local now we can go to should the need arise. The treatments in Albany are a little different than at Sloan. In Albany they drip the chemo at a slower rate which means more time in the treatment suite however it beats a 5 hour round trip train ride. I have a scan scheduled for the end of May. My doc is still confident that we will get to resection soon. I know that I will get there!
Life on the home front has been great. Olivia is growing up fast and turns 3 on May 22. Sandy has been planning a princess themed birthday party for her. The boys will be Knights and the girls Princesses. We're even going to slay a dragon. Sandy continues to be the greatest CEO and Queen of everything good. I love her greatly for all she does and I'm very grateful to have such a loving, caring and kind wife.
Work is going along well too. I feel so lucky and grateful to have such a great job. Everyone I work with is supportive and understanding.
I want to extend my gratitude to everyone who reads my blog and keeps me in their thoughts and prayers. Thank You...