Thursday, June 24, 2010

June Post

It's been a while since I posted something so here goes.

Olivia had a great princess birthday party complete with a real princess entertaining the kids. My niece Vanessa dressed up as a princess to entertain the kids it was a big hit. Thanks Vee! Sandy really put on a great party and everyone had a good time.

We have been alternating my chemo treatments between Albany and NYC. It has been working out OK. A few bumps in the road but I think we have things Ironed out now. At the end of May I had a cat scan done that showed terrific shrinkage of the tumors in my live the 3 big ones are now sub centimeter in size and it appears the all the tiny ones are gone. My Oncologist recommended 3 more months of chemo and then send me to the surgeon to discuss resection. Resection = the CURE! That was some welcome news. I can’t express how happy, excited and ecstatic we were to get this news. He also told me that I have developed a hernia but who cares. I’m going to beat this and besides when I go for the resection they can fix the hernia while they’re in there and do the takedown on my ostomy. A 3 for 1 operation.

I have been feeling pretty good generally. Last week I hit a rough patch and had some toxicity effects from the 5FU. Typical stuff that I have experienced in the past so it was no surprise. I march on as I can see the finish line.

I have to express gratitude and love to everyone. Sandy my wife deserves the biggest thank you for all she does and she picked up the best Father’s day gift (a Dustin Pedroia Red Sox shirt). Thanks to my Mom and Sandy’s Mom for all their help that they give us. Olivia really loves spending time with you guys. Thanks to all my doctors and nurses whose expertise has gotten me to where I am today. To all my family, friends and neighbors for the love and support that you give freely. I thank you one and all. Thanks to my employer whose continuing support I truly appreciate. Thanks to Sister Patrick for keeping me in your prayers. Most of all thanks to the Creator for prayers answered.

Love and Gratitude to all.