Sunday, August 30, 2009

Red Sox Game

I've always wanted to go to Fenway and see a game. My brother Ed lives and Boston and just so happened upon 2 tickets to last Wednesday nights game against the White Sox. The drove over and met my brother at his house and we drove into Boston for the game. It was a great night and the weather was cooperative by not raining and staying cool. They had a nice tribute for Ted Kennedy before the game started. The game was really fast paced and Wakefield did a great job on the mound after his long break. The game was tied up and the Sox brought in Danny Bard who proceeded to intimidate the White Sox by throwing 100+ MPH pitches. The bottom of the 9th came up and Youkilis and Big Papi were on deck. I turned to my brother and said Big Papi is going to hit another home run and win the game for us. Youkilis ended up striking out and then Big Papi came up and and blasted one out into right field and just clearing Pesky's pole. Everyone cheered and the game was done. The Red Sox WIN!

What a great night. Thanks Ed!

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