Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Acknowleging what's important

This morning I opened a deck of cards that have inspirational quotes. A dear friend gave them to me to aid in my healing. I shuffled the deck a bit and the card on top told me to “Acknowledge what’s important”. It went on to say that “Deep within, you know that the only thing that’s truly important is being in alignment with Spirit.”
Some of the things that keep me aligned and I consider important are my wife Sandy. She is my rock. She keeps me well with her love. My daughter Olivia whose innocence reminds me how precious life is. She is an inspiration to me and helps me stay focused on being healthy. My mother/mother in-law, who help us out by giving us a respite from Olivia. My brothers, who have been very generous helping me live out some of my wishes. All of my friends, who have supported me by keeping me in their thoughts and prayers. These are the important things.
Things that are not important fear, illness, worry, shame, anger and any other negative emotion. These are not worthy of my attention. I choose to focus on the positive…

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