Saturday, August 15, 2009

Busy Week End

I'm feeling really good and we're have a busy week end. Last night we went to the Altamont fair and had a ball. Olivia loved going on the rides and to tell you the truth so did I. We saw the petting zoo, the rabbits, the chickens (big hit w/ Olivia), horses and ponies. We ate fair food like greasy fries, and batter dipped veggies mmmmm good!
Me and Olivia on the Bumble Bee ride.

Mommy and Oliva on the Cars.

We all had fun at the fair and are looking forward to going for years to come.

On Saturday we went to the local mustang club's Dealer Day Show at Metro Ford. The dealership is right around the corner form our hosuse so it was a no hassle show for us to attend. Olivia and Sandy came over for a little while until the sun got high and hot.
Olivia has a mustang too.

We didn't place this year in our class. There were about 12 other cars in the class and some really nice ones. Congrats to the winners! The show had over 200 cars entered and there was probably another 100 that didn't register. The show was well attended and even my Dad showed up. It was a good time and I saw lots of old and new friends.
Here is a shot of the show and my car.

Tommorow we have church and then another car show. I'm grateful to be feeling good!

Until next time.

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  1. Love Olivia's wheels! The fair looked like a great time (we used to eat our way through it), as did the car show. We're so thankful for the direction everything is going for you, and keep you in our prayers. Hope to see you soon!
    Love, Mary & Fred