Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Great Weekend!

Waht a great weekend!

It started on Friday when I cut out of work early and played 9 holes of golf. I haven't played in over 2 years and I was a little dusty. A bad day of golf is still better than a good day in the office. I managed to squeeze 1 par and 3 bogeys. The other 5 holes shall not be remembered and I will use the excuse of not playing in 2 years to justify my 59. I had alot of fun playing golf with the guys from my neighborhood. I can't wait until the next time I am able to play.

Saturday Sandy went to my nieces wedding shower and my mother in law Dottie came down to watch Olivia. I spent the morning pruning the landscaping around the house. It was in desperate need because I neglected it last year due to being in China all summer. I finished up around noon time, hit the showers and proceeded down to my old friend Joe's house. I visited with him for a while and then his son came by with his new baby. It was great to see him. He has grown to be quite the man.

Sunday we went to church at our usual time. My Mom has joined our parish and meets us there every Sunday. After church Mom came over to house and watched Olivia while me and Sandy whent shopping for our annual flowers and our tomato plants. We went to Lowes first and checked out the prices, we left quickly and went to the farm stand and bought our palnts there. The prices were 1/3 less than lowes and it makes us feel good to support local businesses and keep the money local. When Olivia woke up we went down the street to a neighbor's house for a party. It was very fun. Olivia was little shy at first but soon warmed up adn was visiting with the other guests. Then she discovered the trampoline. She and I spent about 3 hours on it. My legs felt like rubber bands when I finally was able to get out. Olivia had a blast. Now it will be a challenge to keep her away from it when we are out on a walk.

Monday we were expecting company in the morning. My godfather Fred nad his Mary were in town and stopped by to see us. It was their first meeting with Olivia. OLivia still reveling in her birthday lime light received a present form them. It was a cool little doll that talked when you held her hands on different body parts. I couldn't figure out how it worked. Later in the evening OLivia was playing with her and I heard all these different phrases coming form the doll. Leave it to a 2 year old to figure out how the toys work. It was alot simpler when I was a kid with my pull string talking GI Joe doll. It was great catching up with Fred and Mary and both of them looked great. After they left we put Olivia down for a nap and proceeded to plant our gardens. I was even able to squeeze in a lawn mow before our next guests arrived. Kevin and Anna stopped by right after Olivia got up from her nap. They brought us a Strawberry short cake. It was good to see them and we visited and chatted it up for a couple of hours. After they left we had a nice dinnen of grilled salmon followed by strawberry short cake for desert.

Off to the office for a day then treatment on Wednesday. I'm hopping that I feel as good as I did the last time. I also will have my first scan done post chemo some time next week. I know it's going to show positive results!

Until next time...

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