Friday, May 15, 2009

Its been a while

Sorry I have been away so long...I have been very busy with my new job. There is so much to do and to tell you the truth I'm tired when I get home and I'd rather spend time with Sandy and Olivia especially now that the nice weather is here.

I had treatment this week and saw Dr. D. He examined me and said that my liver has decreased in size (the swelling is gone) and its not as tender as it was before we started chemo. The scan dream still comes. I pray every day to Saint Peregrine. He is the patron saint of cancer patients. If you have a chance please visit this site and remember me in a novena.

I worked from home this week while hooked up to the pump. I felt pretty good this time around. I have been gaining wieght thanks to the 1000 calorie soy protien shakes that Sandy has been making for me.

Its all good and life is better!

until next time.


  1. Glad to hear things are going better Uncle Shawn =)
    Sending our Love to you, Aunt Sandy, And that gorgeous girl Oliva.

  2. Very happy to hear that you are feeling better. Our prayers are with you every day. I've been intending to start a blog for ages and just wrote my first post last night. Check it out on blogspot at maryannebenedetto. You'll love the "Fred" stories. Love to you & family.