Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A little R & R

Just back from vacation. We spent the week up north on Schroon lake. Our friend Lauren's family has a place right on the lake. Sandy's friends Amy and Heidi joined us for the week as well. We had great weather all week. The heat of the city was not present as cool breezes off lake were always present. Olivia and I went kayaking together a couple of times and she really enjoyed being out on the water. I was really nice to catch up with everyone. It is not often we are all together like we were. I felt really good all week probably due to the fact that I took a partial treatment the week prior. I ended up getting the HAI pump filled and taking an IV of Avastin. No 5FU which is what usually gets to me.
While we were up north we took Olivia to the Great Escape. She had fun and let us know that she'd prefer to go to Hoffman's instead. Despite that she rode with Cinderella in the pumpkin coach. Went on all the rides in Looney Toon village, had a good time in Wiggles land and caught the stage show there as well.
This week I have treatment in Albany and the next trip to the city has me scheduled for a CT scan. This scan will determine whether or not I go to the tumor board for surgery consideration. I am very confident that I will be in surgery for the liver resection some time this fall. Please keep me in your thoughts and pray that I get there. It is the cure!
I want to thank Sandy and Olivia for giving me so much love and joy and all my family and friends for their support and prayers. Thank You.

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