Thursday, July 1, 2010

The people you meet.

The last time we were down to NYC I noticed a guy walk past me at the subway station who had the same 48 hour infusion pump on his hip as I did on mine. We arrived at our station stop and began the walk to Penn Station. As we were walking up to Penn I again noticed the same guy with the pump. I held mine up said hello and shook his hand. I wished him well on his journey and parted ways. We had a nice train ride home. When we got to our car in the garage parked right next to me was the same guy I had bumped into earlier. Ends up he has the same thing I do, he goes down to Sloan on the same schedule as me and, he has a passion for camaros. He was driving a clean 80;s Z-28. It was very bizarre that this guy was parked right next to me. He shared his story with me and he's survived over 10 years and is facing a recurrence. His prognosis is good. I told him my story and afterwards we agreed to look for one another in the future. I have to say he was a very positive person who has lots of good energy. I'm looking forward to seeing him again. Funny how the universe works...

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  1. Fred and I were really excited to read your June 24 and July 1 posts. Prayers continue for you & family! We'll be in town toward the end of August and would love to get together. Fred said that if he had known you were looking for a second baseman's shirt, he would have been happy to send a Robinson Cano jersey!! (ha ha) Lots of love and daily prayers...Mary & Fred