Monday, August 30, 2010

Good news!

Last week at Sloan I had a CT scan done. The results came back good and my oncologist told us to make an appointment to see the surgeon to discuss liver resection. The surgery is what we have been anticipating since we started this regimine. The chemo is rough but all in all its not been that bad.
So today was the day I went to see the surgeon and the news was better than we expected. He basically told us that there was nothing he could resect. The tumors that started out at 3CM are now so small that they are not measureable. In other words I have had a complete response to the chemo. The disease is jsut about all gone. Remission!!! The news was not what we expected as we were sure I'd be getting a liver resection. I for one am glad that I won't have to endure that surgery. I will however be scheduling surgery to take care of a few residual things from the last surgery. Nothing too serious and not much to worry about.
First, I want to thank the Lord for answering the prayers. I want to thank everyone who has kept me in their thoughts and prayers. Please keep them coming it really works. I especially want to thank my wife Sandy for all that she has done and continues to do to get us through this journey. You inspire me with your dedication and perseverence. I love you! I thank my daughter Olivia for bringing happiness into each day. You are my little angel. I love you too!Thank you to my health care team for giving me the best care. Thanks to evryone at Treo for all the support you give.
Thank you, thank you, thank you...


  1. Congratulations on the good news, Shawn. May it continue and continue.

  2. Shawn,
    This is Nish. Wonderful news! You will be in our prayers. Cheers and Get well soon.

  3. Amazing and awesome news!!! Our prayers don't stop here...they will go on indefinitely for continued blessings for you, Sandy & Olivia.