Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One step forward, two steps back

After a promising weekend, I walked into the hospital Monday morning to find what looked like Sid Vicious after a good bender. I didn't have to ask, clearly Shawn had not had a good night. He would not have a good morning, afternoon or evening either. By 8 pm an x-ray confirmed that Shawn's internal organs were still groggy from anesthesia and some outside intervention was needed in the form of a nasal gastric tube. Before inserting the tube, the Doctor referred to the procedure as "barbaric"....never a good sign when they admit to it so readily. But alas, she was right... not for the weak of mind or body.

Tuesday would be a better day. The NG tube is still in. It adds a little something to the overall patient look...you know, cheap nightclub wristband, gown with bum exposed, skid free socks and now tape and tube to nose. The usual myriad of nurses, fellows, residents and doctors have been in and out of the room today and all agree that Shawn is making excellent progress. It is slow but steady and for that we are grateful.

Brothers Jim and Mike and niece, Vanessa, made the long trip to the city today for a visit and to liven up the place. Shawn continued to walk laps around the hospital ward with the family posse behind him. So far today over a mile.

Thanks for all your encouragement and love.

Guest Blogger~Sandy


  1. Shawn, Sandy, Olivia and company,

    Just found the web address that I misplaced for a couple of days. I got a verbal update from Paul, who got an update from Kevin, that all went well with the surgery. And now I am able to read the update for myself. TERRIFIC NEWS! You guys are in our thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted and let us know when you're back up north.


  2. Sandy, You're a great guest blogger, keep up the humor it's a great coping skill during these tough times. Just one of the many wishing you all the best. Stephen