Saturday, October 24, 2009

2 weeks post op

2 weeks have gone by since my surgery and things are progressing along well. I enjoyed my 45th birthday this week. Sandy took me out to a local park where Olivia played on the playground. She was so proud to show me all the amazing things she can do on the equipment. She is quite the little monkey climbing, swinging and sliding. It was a real treat to watch her.
I have been getting lots of rest and usually follow Olivia when she takes her afternoon nap. I am being followed by a home care nurse due to an open wound that I have. I ended up getting an infection in the incision a few days after the surgery. The docs popped out some staples so it could drain and they told me that it was very common for people who have under gone chemo to get infections. The wound is looking better each day however it still looks like a big hole in the middle of my chest. I think that it would make for a cool Halloween prop.
We are going to Sloan on Monday for a followup with Dr. D'Angelica (the pump guy) and then a couple of scans in the evening. I think he'll take the staples out or at least I hope he does. They have been quite itchy lately. We have to go back down on Wednesday for a followup with Dr. Temple the GI doc and our first chemo treatment. They will fill the pump and I'll get a systemic treatment in the clinic. It has been over 2 months since my last chemo treatment. The docs did say that everything looked good when they had me opened up. The docs were also very optimistic that this treatment will have better results than the previous protocol based on the results I had.
I will post an update after Monday and Wednesday's appointments. Thanks for all your positive thoughts and prayers.

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  1. Alright, guys, you're on the way! I'm glad to hear things have improved. I hope you get those staples out, so you don't have to be franken-human for hallowe'en. Good luck and hang in there.