Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Journey Continues

So the journey to the cure continues…We arrived in NYC again to meet with the surgeons. We arrived a day before the meeting due to an appointment for a CT scan the night before. Now I know why they call it the city that never sleeps. You can get a CT scan at 8 PM in NYC…

We took the train down again and it was a beautiful ride. We arrived and decided that we would walk to the hotel (about a 1.5 mile trek) on E 62nd St. We walked up 7th Ave to Times Square and then cut over through Rockefeller Center to 5th Ave. When we got down to Bergdorf’s there was a film crew set up filming a scene for the sequel to Sex in the City. We stopped to take it in and we saw Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie) and Kristin Davis(Charlotte) doing a street scene. We caught a couple of pictures of the shoot.

We walked over to our hotel and checked in. We stayed at the Bentley which is a decent hotel and we got a fair rate (under $200). The hotel is mid way between the Sloan outpatient offices and the hospital where the CT scan was done. We decided to walk around a bit and explore the eateries in the vicinity after which we went to the appointment and were out by 9PM. We were both starving by this point and decided on an Italian restaurant that we found earlier. The meal was delicious and the wine was too. We capped it off with a tiramisu and cappuccino and then walked back for a good night’s sleep.

The next morning we were scheduled to meet with the liver pump doc and have an EKG done or so we thought… We met with the doc and he discussed the option for the pump and explained all the details both good and bad. We had already been briefed by the oncologist that we saw the week before so we were certain this was the path we wanted to go down. After the exam and the talk he asked if we wanted to go home and think about it to which I promptly replied that I was ready to sign up. We did some paperwork, signed the consent and decided to donate the tissue from the biopsy to a tissue repository where it will be used for future studies. I thought that was a good idea because it’s something that I can do to help someone else who is facing the same challenge as me. Besides what am I going to do with it? The next step was to meet with the colon surgeon. The liver guy warned me that she would more than likely do an exam. Well she did more than an exam. As a matter of fact I think I should send her flowers as she really got to know me in ways that I never dreamed of. I survived and went on to the next stage a pre op screen that determines whether I am healthy enough for surgery. That was an easy thing to go through however by this time it was around 5 we were free and the surgery is scheduled for October 9. I had nothing to eat all day and was ready to eat my shoes and I’m pretty sure that Sandy was too. When all was said and done we headed back over to the train station and had some NYC pizza slices and a beer. We caught the train home and slept comfortably knowing that I am in good hands.

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