Saturday, July 18, 2009

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I guess many of you have been waiting for an update from me at least that's what I am told. So here it is the latest news...

I have been having a good experience thus far. The side effects have been tolerable and unpredictable. I can feel great 1 day and crappy the next. The worse has been the fatigue the day or 2 after finishing treatment. Usually I'm unhooked from the 46 hour portable infusion pump on Friday around noon. Typically I fall sleep around 3 PM and sleep until Saturday morning. I have been going out for a 1 mile walk on my lunch hour. The exercise helps boost my energy level and gets me through the afternoon. I'm looking at treatment #8 next Wednesday after which I will have the second CT scan. I'm expecting to see good results. Please expect the same...

Work has been going great and I have a vacation coming up the week after next. We are going up to Schroon Lake in the Adirondacks. We will be staying with some friends and I'm hoping that the rain that has been plaguing upstate NY will take a vacation that week too ;).

I spent today at my niece's wedding. Had a great time spending time with my family.
I'm tired and I'm going bed now...

Posted 11 PM Saturday night.

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